Internet Software Products

Internet Retailing Shopping Cart Software Leasing / Hosting An Oscommerce Shopping Cart and hosting Leasing service. Provides Internet Retailing facilities to small to medium sized companies for one monthly fee.

Walker Software Products

3rd Party Software Modules to complement Walker Financial Software

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An online File Aid type product. This extremely useful transaction allows any record from any Walker table to be listed and then changed if necessary. The field values of each record are identified by their data dictionary name. Very good for development, code and FAM testing.

TGS2COBOL This software converts one or many TGS scripts (Interpreted code) into one COBOL 2 program. The resultant COBOL program has the same functionality but because it is compiled it runs up to 10 times faster. Use for online and batch.
Documentor This batch program will find and document, in a report, all the Walker components of a Walker online transaction or multi-trans. IOBKRSTR cards are the output from the program to backup the transaction and to restore it.
Easy Integrator
A batch program that will print out Walker Integrator Events and Sub Events in a very easy and clear way, to understand the logic code. Integrator is extremely difficult to read and the output from this program reads like a TGS script.
139 & 140 replacement transactions Completely rewritten in COBOL for efficiency, these transactions replicate the Walker 139 (Financial GL transactions) and 140 (balance) enquiry transactions but with an explosion in functionality. Forward backward paging. Filtering on any ACK segment. Chooses best access path to the data given the request. Does not time out. etc
Hierarchy Validation A replacement online transaction for the Walker 884 Hierarchy validation facility. This replacement is 10 to 12 times faster and does not lock any other Walker table.